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Hi there!

This site has been outdated for a while, so we've touched things up a bit. If you stopped by before and had trouble contacting us, we're sorry!

A few important notes:

OSTEM meets weekly on Thursdays @ 7PM in the LGBT Resource Center. (Illini Union 323).

Our first meeting is Thursday, August 25th.

For the most up-to-date information regarding OSTEM meetings, do not use this website!

We send meeting updates via email and through our Discord server.

Join Us!

Meeting updates are sent both via email and via our Discord server. 




Send Us Your Resumes/CVs!

Please submit an updated version of your resume/CV as a PDF to

The resumes of our members are kept in our resume book, which we provide to companies who have shown support to oSTEM. This means that these companies are committed to fostering LGBTQIA+ supportive environments, and are potentially looking for candidates from our organization! This resume book will also be kept strictly confidential - the only people who will see it are our exec board members, and members of the companies who have supported oSTEM.


 If you need your resume reviewed, shoot us a message on our Discord! We may be hosting a review session in the near future.

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